This means WAR ?!

Please see urself 1st before u complaint bout me!

You said that everything I want, they always make it happen soon

> See urself: You always take their attention, they often angry to you, they wanna make u their best son.. Is that mean that they give less attention to u?! It’s mean they wanna make u better than me. I’m only a girl who always sick and stress by myself. They don’t wanna make your character like me. So they give u more and more affection. But me, they only can give me a money or things because they don’t know how they can make me the better I am again. Those are the best effort that can support me as I do. I’m sure they wanna support everything u want then after they can build ur character.

You said I am cleverer than you so they give everything I want

> See urself: U still don’t know how much ur capability. I’m sure u’r cleverer than me because I’m only depend on my diligent character, if I didn’t read much, I won’t be like this. But u, u have the better brain than me. U’r genius, only a little u understood, u can know everything. Only a little u listen to it, u know everything. But, ur weakness is u never know ur capability, u always feel underestimate urself. Imagine if u read and listen more, how is ur brain will work? Can u still say that I’m more cleverer than u?

Don’t ever complain about the unfair of them to us, but please try what they wanna make the best of u.

When I’m young like u, I never had a best tools because they didn’t have enough money like now. My first laptop was Dad’s laptop from Perth, my second laptop is a 2ndhand laptop, my first cellphone was a big nokia (u still remember that?) from Dad’s cellphone in Perth too, my second cellphone was Mom’s (the yellow-black nokia>3310). After that I got the newest thing like now.

> See urself: in ur age, u get the most expensive thing that I never got in that age until now. U know what’s that thing.

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