Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments #Gamelan Edition

I make this post for my new friends in Europe to show them that there are soooo many Indonesian traditional music instruments 🙂 Check this out….. For this first part, I’ll tell you about Gamelen. Let’s see these video before read the description of each instrument…. Javanese Gamelan: Balinese Gamelan: This is what I can play: The mix one: Note: Balinese gamelan is faster than Javanese. Description of each instruments…. (translated from ) a. Kendhang Description:

  • Made from cowhide
  • For managing the rhythm
  • The smallest: ketipung (I can play it a little)
  • The medium: kendang ciblon/kebar

b. Demung, Saron, Peking Description:

  • The wood under the metal blocks is for resonating the sound
  • – demung (the largest, middle tone) – saron (medium, higher tone) – peking (the smallest, the highest tone)

c. Gong and Kempul



  • To balance the rhythm
  • Give a sign to the end of a phrase or song


  • Give a sign to the most important tone in a song

d. Bonang Description:

  • Bonang barung: bigger, middle to high tone, for opening the song
  • Bonang penerus: smaller, highest tone

e. Slenthem f. Kethuk dan Kenong Description:

  • For managing the tone

g. Gender Description:

  • The rope and the bamboo (under the metal) is for resonating the sound

h. Gambang (I can play it a little too) Description:

  • Different from another, it made from the wood

i. Rebab Description:

  • The leader of an instrument

j. Siter k. Suling Description:

  • Made from bamboo

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