Indonesian Traditional Music Instruments #Gamelan Edition

I make this post for my new friends in Europe to show them that there are soooo many Indonesian traditional music instruments ūüôā Check this out….. For this first part, I’ll tell you about Gamelen. Let’s see these video before read the description of each instrument…. Javanese Gamelan: Balinese Gamelan: This is what I can play: The mix one: Note: Balinese gamelan is faster than Javanese. Description of each instruments…. (translated from¬†¬†) a. Kendhang Description:

  • Made from cowhide
  • For managing the rhythm
  • The smallest: ketipung (I can play it a little)
  • The medium:¬†kendang ciblon/kebar

b. Demung, Saron, Peking Description:

  • The wood under the metal blocks is for resonating the sound
  • – demung (the largest, middle tone) – saron (medium, higher tone) – peking (the smallest, the highest tone)

c. Gong and Kempul



  • To balance the rhythm
  • Give a sign to the end of a phrase or song


  • Give a sign to the most important tone in a song

d. Bonang Description:

  • Bonang barung:¬†bigger, middle to high tone, for opening the song
  • Bonang penerus: smaller, highest tone

e. Slenthem f. Kethuk dan Kenong Description:

  • For managing the tone

g. Gender Description:

  • The rope and the bamboo (under the metal) is for resonating the sound

h. Gambang (I can play it a little too) Description:

  • Different from another, it made from the wood

i. Rebab Description:

  • The leader of an instrument

j. Siter k. Suling Description:

  • Made from bamboo

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