Happiness and sadness in December

Welcome to the last month of 2013!!!
And I’ll say too, “Welcome winter!” with the trembling body 😀
This is my first winter in europe. I’m really glad ^^

November 30th 2013….
I woke up at 8:00 and I saw that it was very foggy outside. I brushed my teeth and wore my glasses. GROSSSS!!! It’s already white neighborhood 😀
I couldn’t handle myself to not taking picture LOL

Winter in Grenoble

Okay, let’s turn to the sadness one :/

December 1st 2013….
I woke up at 09:00 and I didn’t realize that it’s already December. I saw calender in my iPod and it said that… Bienvenue au Decembre!!
Hmm… 9 days later i’ll have my first bithday without any family and friends around me. That’s such a risk that I must get because of my choice (continuing my master in Grenoble, France). But I can’t handle my mind to remind all of stuff that happened in the past.
When they gave me surprise at december 9th 00:00
When they bullied me at december 10th
The most unforgettable moment is my birthday last year. My friends suddenly come to my house at december 10th 2012 22:00 for giving some presents and they said that I got a special present from God, LUNAR ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!

Actually, I don’t need any present from somebody. I just need a warm hug in that day. I just wanna smile and laugh in a whole day.

I hope I could through it all 🙂

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