New Month = New School = Nomaden Before

Next month, I’ll move to Greece to continue my study. Let’s go to the beach!!!!
Why I must move? Okay, let me explain my master program.
> 1st and 2nd semester in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember ITS, Surabaya, Indonesia
> 3rd semester in Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
> 4th semester in Thessaly University, Volos, Greece
> 5th semester for doing internship and thesis

For my 3rd – 5th semester I take Hydro hasard program which is lil bit different than anothers because it’s a joined program between France and Greece, and this is a leading PhD program so I must do 2,5 years. It’s ok for me, fighting for having more knowledge!!!!

But, before I can enjoy Greece view, I must be a nomaden girl at Grenoble hahaha because I must go out from my apartment at the end of January. Actually, I want to do that in January 8th (at least I have more time to prepare my departure) but I can’t 😦
So, until February 11th, I’ll be NOMADEN!!! Now, I live at Puti’s house. Every weekend at Ditya’s and if I miss my sister, I will sleep at Fida’s. See…..
Fortunately, I have kind friends in here ><

Ok, I'll tell you next about my journey to the Greece!

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