It Begin to Erupt Again

According to my family’s story, I was born 9 months after Kelud’s eruption. And on February 13th, it erupted again. Until now, it’s still active and there is posibilities to have explosion from it again.

Mt. Kelud

Mt. Kelud located in the middle of three cities, Kediri, Blitar, and Malang; In those three places, my family has lived. Because of that, when my mom sent me a text by WhatsApp about Kelud’s explosion, I was very worried.

This year, my family has The Blue Valentine

I still remember my father’s story. On March 1990, after Kelud finished its explosion (45 days), my grandfather (from my father’s side) started to clean his rooftop from the volcanic dust. It’s about 10 cm of thickness. Because of it was very slippy and my grandfather had already been 40 years old, he felt from rooftop and he had parkinson’s diseases a few months after. He had died on 2000.

This year, when I heard that my grandmother (from my mother’s side) has been sick because of cleaning her house from volcanic dust, suddenly my memory run to my grandpa’s accident; I cried quietly in my room. I don’t know how messy and crowded that event is but I can feel how worried my family now although the distance between us is around 10;00 km.

I hope everything will b okay and nothing worse happen again.

These are some photos from my families and my friends…

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