The Reason Why I Don’t Wanna Be Fallin In Love With Anybody

It sounds like a drama… The title I mean, haha…

But it’s true…

1. I Hate The Fake Love

Three times I had a relationship with someone, three times I got broken heart.

> First guy, he left me because he was sick. He passed away when our relationship reach a year anniversary 😦

> Second guy, he’s a SH*T! He had an affair with me and another girl from his university! And, you know what?! This relationship was only in 11 days! Don’t ever ever believe 100% when a guy say that he loves you because a half of his heart can be attracted to other girl immediately, even only in a second he see other girl!

> Last guy, he’s a SH*T too! He loves me only because I am rich and my family has a good level in the society. At that time, I hate my family because I think I can’t meet the best guy ever who loves me just the way I am. But, I thought it twice… No, I can’t blame my family! My family is the best family ever! That guy is a SH*T ever! The worst thing is: He confess to me that actually we got a relationship because he wanted to get closer with my cousin! He liked my cousin, not me! SH*T SH*T ! Fake love ever… I will tell you why my cousin become more popular than me in the next post.

2. I am sick

I have a sickness and a doctor said that maybe I can’t live more than 27 years old. Honestly, I don’t believe this SH*T prediction because it makes me count every year, every my birthday, and every month. It’s very inconvenient you know! And it makes me feel very very afraid to have a serious relationship because I don’t wanna hurt my best guy. Will he cry and feel lonely when I die? Or will he directly found the new girl right after I die? These question make my brain always say “Hey, don’t love that SH*T guy”

My advice as a sick person:

Enjoy your life, dude! Breath freely as you can.. Jump as high as you can.. Shout out lout as you can..


So…. Don’t ever love me because I will hate myself at the end.


PS. Hahaha so many ‘SH*T’ in this post! Sorry….


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