I Like Being Lonely

“Why you don’t wanna join with us tonight?”

I always hear that question from my friends. You know what? I prefer to be alone ^^ Only me, myself, and my world ><

I really enjoy when I can think about everything without getting pressure to smile or to talk with you all. It’s suck, you know?! You can see the fact… When we go together to the party. I just go down in a while and after that I will sit and stuck in the corner. Feeling tired of this crowded situation. And you will ask, “Are you tired?” Hmmph common question. And I will answer, “I’m sleepy”

Always like that…

I prefer hear the music with my own earphone, dance in my own floor, sketch in my own paper, and walk in my own path

So, why do you still force me to go out with other guys?! Because you never know this feeling, I think. We have our own life, dude!

I cry because I always feel it, you laugh because you never feel it



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