She’s more than me

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers

Sometimes I am very jealous with this girl. In my family, the big girl is only us (we’re in the same age, I mean. She was born in April and me on December). Why am jealous to her? Before, I never feel this feeling. But, after this accident. This is what he said:
Me: Let’s end it! I know what you want from me. You want my popularity, not my love.
Him: Hell yeah let’s end it. I will tell the truth. I like your cousin, not you. I thought that I can be closer with her after having you. Hmm… I got it. But, she don’t want me become her side because I still have you. So, if we are end, I can get her

So, until now, I never keep contact with him even with my cousin, we’re quite apart now.

I know that she’s more beautiful than me.
She’s more fashionable than me.
She can put make up well, but me only a face powder and lipstick even when I went to my violin concert.
She’s slimmer than me because she’s always on diet. But me, look! I love chocolate very much! I can handle myself with this food. And the worst thing is I have high appetite after having all of my medicine hahahaha.
The last…
She’s healthier than me. Who wanna be a boyfriend of sick person?
I guess that all of my ex-boyfriends or maybe all of my friends feel that I am annoying. I always text them to drive me on hospital, for picking me up from hospital, for getting a medicine for me. That’s why I like being lonely.


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