My 23

Last year, maybe my life today is only a dream. Going abroad for studying is my dream, having a challenge in studying a new stuff is my dream, and many of my dreams become true now. I can’t say more thing than grateful to my God.

This is my better life…
In here, I have a new life. Before, I’m a good student who just know how to get the best mark in the class. Woke up in the early morning, worked hard, sat quietly in front of computer, did my homework, went to university, went back home, and slept. That was my life. Boooringg huh? I was enjoy my life back then šŸ™‚ Yes, you think. But, I have many friends who always cheer me up. When I was tired, they asked me to go shopping, doing crazy thing, or even only sat in front of class then sang out loud. Love them. Miss you guys.
Now, I know that best mark is not only the goal of studying, getting many friends and experiences too! Honestly, last semester among 8 students in Hydrohasards class, I was the last. Life is like a roller coaster. Now, my mark is in the lowest track of this roller coaster but not for my life. When I heard about this, I don’t know why I didn’t feel sad, I laughed and I felt many flower in my heart. I feel my life is trying to go up although I get the opposite in my marks. You will feel it if you’re in my position. My courses last semester is very very different than in Indonesia. In Indonesia, I studied about how to treat the polluted area, but in here, I studied about how to forecast the probability of having hazard condition. Many statistics things, many hydrology equation (in prediction of flood), many satellite image (in climatology), and many radar image (in GIS). Huft, it’s very tired to study many new things everyday. That’s why I feel very happy to pass them all šŸ˜€
And you know what?! Although I got the last rank in my class, but I am the first person who get internship with salary for my next semester!! And, I will do that with the most famous professor in hydrology field! (HAHA I got 8/20 in my hydrology, so I hope I could do the best next!)
I’m not the old Yanti who will try the best in getting mark, but I’m the new Yanti who will try to know the meaning of this life šŸ™‚

But I miss my old life too…
Not for my boring life, but my friends. Until now, I can’t find any friends who will accompany me to do crazy things like you, guys! In Grenoble, I have many Indonesian friends but no one like you. They are nice but no one like you. I get many friends from Greece, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, etc, but no one as crazy as you all.
Do you know what? Sometimes I cry alone in my room when I see our pictures on my PC. Sometimes I hold my tears when I see a group of people who talk comfortably in cafe, in park, or in the port, because it makes me remember you.
We’re miles apart now. Umm around 10000 km or more? But, I will never ever forget you.
Sometimes, when I miss you all, I go to the rooftop and see the mountain near my apartment, pretend that all of you live behind that mountain and say “Hey guys, wait me there! I’ll come back as a new of Yanti. New in point of view, but still your Yanti inside”

We are Young!!!
We are Young!!!

PS. I will go back around January 2015, wait me there! And, what should I do in our fourth anniversary?

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