I Hate Regular Activity

Hell, yeah…

I know that I am a student who must do many homeworks, project, and read many things to be clever. No no I mean to get the high mark in all of courses. BUT I HATE THAT!!!

I want to be free

I like reading paper, I like doing many things with softwares… but please… if you force me to do that everyday with the exact schedule and duration.. YAIKSSS! I will do what you want, but only in a few minutes LOL. For example, you order me to do things in front of my computer, yes I sit exactly at that place. But, after that, after and hour or maybe less, you might check what I do and you’ll see that I open youtube, facebook, or this site hahahaha….

That’s why I don’t wanna be an employee

Yeahh I know that maybe being an employee in a famous company will make me getting higher salary than other guys, but doing the same thing everyday? Let me throw my brain to the trash!

My dream is: I can spread all of my knowledge to other people (to make a better world hohoho) but I don’t wanna be a person who live in a jail but getting high salary haha. So, I decide to be a lecturer in university. Why? Because being a lecturer is a fun job. I can teach everything but I can do many outside activity too such as having some field projects. And, when I can’t attend to the class, I can order my assistant to replace me (but I must aware about the absence limit in the university!).

I will feel very happy if my dream comes true! Being a lecturer!

How about you, guys?

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