Have a Pet!

Do you feel so lonely in your apartment? DO you need someone to chat with?
Let’s start to have a pet!!! Hahaha…
In Grenoble, I have some Indonesian friends but not in here, Volos. So, I decided to buy a turtle here which has the same species like mine in Indonesia. Brazilian turtle. Here, he is…. !

I really love him. One day, he has gone when I let him walking aroung my room because he’s too small 😦 I cried… And suddenly I saw him walking from my bed ckckckck.. Love you, Dee! I will bring him when I’ll comeback to Grenoble too!!! I want him to be my soulmate! Haha

So, don’t feel so lonely and cry all the time. Try to talk to your pet and it will reduce your loneliness …

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