Trust? Sorry I Can’t

If you are my friends, you might think that I am an innocent girl who will trust anybody and follow them whatever they say. Yes, I think so too haha..
When I was a kiddo, my parents always told me

don’t believe to anybody… don’t trust them.. if they give you a candy, don’t take it because maybe it contain of drug

(funny yeah..but it’s true!)
But it made me more and more curious about everything. I took everything in front of me but never try it by myself. I took it and run to my teacher or my friends to ask about what that is and maybe tried that together 🙂

after that it happened…
I have began sick and I quit from all of my extra activity. Why? I will not tell you because I’m still trauma on it although it’s already been 8 years haha.
I tell all of my emotions to my best friend because I thought that she could give me a hug and give me a support to start something new. Yes she did. I began to learn music…
One day…
All of my friends said that I’m very weak and always tease me at school. I hate that. I just have a problem with my body not having a dangerous sickness!!!
I knew that someone who began in spreading this bad news in a whole school was my best friend because I had ever heard her talked about me in the bathroom.

After that, until now, I never believe anybody to tell my story… besides this blog…
I will follow all of your order but sorry I can’t trust you and tell you everything in my mind…

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