Sex vs Real Realtionship

Everytime I see a movie, there’s always a kiss scene the sex or bed scene. Suddenly I think…
Do sex become the only thing to prove a relationship?
Is there any couple who just love each other but never do sex before they are sure about their heart?

I ask something like this because I am Asian. I am from South East Asia where sex is still a taboo thing to discuss. Sex is a thing which we can do after getting married, that’s why most of us are still virgin until D-Day will come. For us, sex is a symbol of true love and we can do that to our true love (husband or wife). If we are still in an ‘ordinary couple’ status, we are afraid to do that.
Because maybe someday this man/woman will leave us after they have ‘all of us’.

I have ever asked one of my friend about this question, this guy comes from Europe. He answered….
“No, sex is not a symbol of relationship, but sex is a pleasure”
I am confused about his sentence. Pleasure? What pleasure?? Does this mean that they can have sex with everybody although they are not a couple, only for getting the pleasure?
And how they feel if this happen, hmmmm such one night stand? Do they feel great because they just get a pleasure? Do they feel guilty because suddenly they feel love to their sex mate right after having sex with them?
Can they give guaranties that they will have the true love (until they become grandpa and grandma) because of this sex thing when they are still young?
Sorry, this question is like an innocent girl… but this is what my mind say….

For me, only a slow and smooth kiss has already been a romantic scene in the couple story. Although they don’t have sex, this scene has already proven that they have the true love… deep in their heart.

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