Why am I Choosing This Path

University life is very different with school life. In this part, we must choose what major we will study so we can get the job as good as we have ever dreamt.


For me, in the beginning of my university life, I have chosen a different way.
My parents are statisticians, but me? I really didn’t want to choose the same major as them. So, I followed my heart the I chose Environmental Engineering. In this department, I am really really ZERO KNOWLEDGE in statistics. When statistics course came, I always asked my parents about it. Even in my thesis of bachelor degree, it was completely mixed between environmental management (solid waste management) and prediction using statistics. I waw very amazed with myself because I can understand a whole basic statistics on less than 6 months.
Now, my brother has been accepted in the same university asme, but… IN STATISTICS DEPARTMENT!!! (hurray) hahaha so everybody now always make a joke on me… “Are you a real daughter in this family?”
It’s really funny 😀

By choosing engineering department, I must be tough… why? because women engineering are still underestimated. I really want to be a researcher and a university professor (teacher university). But… hmm it’s something like this…
“hmm you wanna be a researcher? how if you get pregnant, get your period, get sick in the middle of your job?”
“what?! you wanna be a professor? can you think this project or solve this matter logically?”
Discrimination is still exist in this field. They think woman is weak, cannot solve things logically, etc etc. This is the reason why they choose men instead of women.
At the past, I don’t believe that this thing will be exist in my university because my university is a great one in y country. But then my supervisor told me that one day, there was a woman who wanna be a professor in ly department. She had already past many tests, but when she wait the approval paper or statement from my department… She lost it. Some of professor said that they wanted to have men not women..
What the F***!!!
I will try to do my best and show them that women is not as weak as they think. If they will reject me, I will show my greatest power so they will regret their decision. Reject will be replied by regret!

Recently, I also get shocked because one of professor in my department sent an email to her/his students. She said congratulation of their graduation (getting their degree) and he/she told them to get the higher education in Taiwan or Japan. “Don’t continue your study in Europe because university life there is not as tough as in Taiwan or Japan. They study like us,” she/he said. It means that she/he thought that study in Europe is not very chalenging…
Dear Mr/Mrs who you are,
You must know what I am getting through now. I am doing the more specific master degree than your enviromental engineering so I must study more hard, even I got culture shock also in the beginnign of my study in France so I got only 10.59/20. Yeah maybe you thought that I didn’t give my best, but do you know that I always get dizzy and nosebleed when I read all of tose journal, papers, slides, and books? Have you ever tried to read something not in english but in other languange like Taiwanesse or French? Do you know that I had 10 projects in 5 courses last semester which made my computer broke because of over-working?
You don’t know everything, Sir/Madame…
Please don’t judge other education system or us as Europe student. We cannot get the best mark as in our prior university life in our country because it is very had here. We must adapt not only the education system but also the courses and the language!

I really wanna show to them that the tail will be the hero of our country. You see me only by one of your eyes but after years I will make your eyes get bigger because of surprised.
This is what I dream and that’s why I am choosing this path.

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