My 24

December 10th 2013
Last year was the first year when I celebrated my birthday by my own.

Upcoming December 10th 2014…
This will be my second year when I’ll celebrate my birthday here. Two years ago and years before I always celebrated it with two friends who have the same born day as me. I’m the youngest.. One of them was born when sun was trying to wake up, the other was born when sun was seting down, and I was born three hours before the day changed (21:00). Because of this funny different time, we always laugh when we talk about who is the oldes. None of us wanna be the oldest hahahaha. I miss them a lot 😥
I also miss my family. Sometimes, I wonder, “Will they call me and say Happy Birthday? Or they just text me like usual?” I really want to talk with them, not only read their text.
And, should I say that I miss all of my fiends in my far away country? Oh come on.. I always say that in our chat goup haha. Ok, I will say it… I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Whatever you have to do, all of ou must pick me up in airport when I’ll come back next year! I don’t care how urgent your work will be hahahahhahaha 😀

November 26th 2014…
I picked a parcel in the front office of my appartment. From
What is this??!!
Who send this??!!
I didn’t buy anything recently.
I opened it slowly… (because I opened it in the study room with my roommate. If I opened it loudly, all of people would stare me with their knife eyes haha)
Oh my God.. What the hell is this???!!!
If you read my last post, you’ll know how desperate I am when I know that I must cancel my big tip o Finland.
Only a few people who know this. So, I tried to eliminate them one by one by guessing which person who know my complete address and my complete name.
Suddenly today……
“We send it to you”
Who are this ‘we’?!
My big family and all my close fiends! Oh Gosh!!!!!!!
At that time I just opened my PC and my mail. Cry immediately? Of course!!!! It’s really a big ‘failed surprise’ to me. Why ‘failed surprise’? Because it supposed to come in December 10th or more, but it came two week earlier hahaha. But thanks thanks thanks my lovely people there!!!!!

I can't go to Finland this winter to see Aurora Borealis, but  I can see it in my bedroom
I can’t go to Finland this winter to see Aurora Borealis, but I can see it in my bedroom

I took a break in a minute to wipe my tears and think about something…
I feel lonely sometime because I really miss all of people in my country and it is very hard to find the right time to call them even with my friends. Maybe because of the different of the time is very big.
But wait…
I also have family here!
Should I say their name one by one? I think no. They have already known that they are my family. We have lunch together, watch movie together, cook together, and many togetherness which I can’t stated them one by one.
Thank you thank you thank you very much for being my family ❤

Based on this morning surprised and thoughtful, I hope my 24 will be brighter than my 23…
Love you all !!!!!!!!!

PS. I write this wih my trembling hands because of happiness..

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  1. Hehehe.. Congrats. Finally, you find who they are…. 🙂
    Having a same birthday every year (except last year), i think you’ll do so this year, but you’re just willing to be the ‘oldest’. hahahaha *tawa puass

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