‘Trash’ Researcher

It is very different living in my own country and aboard as a researcher…

When you are aboard…
Every people see that a researcher is awesome. Everybody will give you a big applause when you present your result because they think that it is your area and nobody can do it. They will be proud of you because of your project, even it is only a simple one using basic statistics because they think, “Wow, I never have some thoughts using that!”
Even some old researchers will give you two thumbs from their hands and will use a part of your result in theirs.

But, when you come back to your own country…
You perfectly known that you are still young and less experiences than the other old researchers, but they treat you…. Hhh… You will lost your words whenever you think about this.
They will give you some comments about your work. Not a good one. They will thing that your knowledge from foreign country is useless.

Based on my experience…
I have done this and that, but they want me to do more because my results were different with what they had been got years before. What makes me angry is they want me to do more without giving any good comments about what I have done. They never see any strength from your results, only the weakness. That’s why they never give me their thumbs, they never give me any “good job” comment… Just order me to do blablablabla..
I am studying an area more specific than my first year of master, but they think that this area is not useful in my department. So, I think, my thesis will only be a book in library not become a source of knowledge.
Do you wanna know what I feel?
I feel that they don’t wanna accept any new knowledge from a young girl like me. Their knowledge is theirs and my knowledge is only something to get a master degree behind my name not for universe.

Am I a trash researcher?
The one who only can study something new but cannot give it to universe
The one who always get praise from strangers but not from people in their own country
The one who always be seen an eye as a young master student from aboard not a young researcher who can use her knowledge to develop her country

Am I?


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