Is he ‘The One’?

Have you ever been falling in love or attracting to the other man or woman?
I think most of people will say YES! For young people, under 20, I think they just try to taste how falling in love is. For adult, around 20-30 years old, they start to find The One who can be beside them until 70 years old (That’s what Ed Sheeran say haha).
So, how you can say that he is The One?

I’ll be 25 years old this year and I am still trying to find him. If you read my last post, you will know that I have been broken heart 3 times by my ex-bf and have been hurt by some men which I have not told you yet. Recently, I know a guy. He’s not handsome, but he gave me affections all days. However, you know what?!!! He just wanted me to be a point in his heart while waiting for the answer from a woman. Shit! I just knew it after he updated his avatar in social media. Hhhhh… It hurts me so until now. That’s why, recently, I decide to close my heart in a while before starting to find The One again.

In my country, most of women will be getting married in their 25s and it gives me a chill 😦 My family always ask me, “Where is your The One?” Fucking question! They don’t know how much tear which have been falling down from my eyes when I get dump. Their mouths… I wanna slap them. Sorry…
That’s why I really hunted The One before, but now? Sorry.. I close this heart again until there will be someone who knock it with a hammer 🙂

By the way, how can you know that he is The One?
Is he pass by in front of you?
Is he a guy who always chats you all days?
Or is he your friend?
Ahhh dunno.. forget it! I will concentrate to my works now and maybe this The One will be someone who pass by in front of my desk accidentally hohohoho..
Just wait for it 😀

2015-05-17 05.03.392015-05-17 05.05.08 

2015-05-15 20.49.26

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