Can I choose mine?

Have you ever felt that you must follow another’s choice? What case? Up to you.. Field of study, activity, or maybe love.
If yes, I’m in your position now 😞

So here my story..
I have been fallen in love with someone called A. For me, he’s perfect. Not his appearence, but his personality. He’s so awesome, he keeps patient although I am angry. He always remind me to always remember God. This type of guy is a rare one nowadays (read my last post and you’ll know why I say like this).

Suddenly, the storm comes…
My father choose another guy for me WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH ME! Angry? Of course! Let’s call him B. I know this guy, but I really don’t know how he is. I know that he prays on time in mosque, that’s all. Even I just know that he is 9 yo older than me!

Lemme explain you the problem…
1. Me and A’s relationship is a long distance relationship (LDR)
2. I wanna be a lecturer, but he is only a government employee
What my dad againsts are:
1. There are many problem come from LDR and he says that many couples divorce because they can’t believe each other. and let’s blame to LDR again
2. I wanna be a lecture so it’s better if I have a husband who has the same job as me. why? because he’ll understand what my thought is.

What do you think? Is it make sense?

Until now, I still can’t accept my dad’s thought…
Why my dad never think about my feeling? Will I be happy after marrying him?

From my religion side, a girl must follow what parents say because God’s bless is in parents’ order. But please, let me choose mine now! I have my own point of view but my Dad never gives time to explain it. He always say that B is a good person and suitable for me, but has he ever thought how well my marriage is with him? How happy my heart if I am with him?

I need a miracle from God so I cn choose mine and be happy with mine.


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