The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins


Rachel is a messy woman who has just divorced with her husband because of her bad habit in drinking. She still calls his husband, Tom, although she knows that he isn’t love him anymore.

Anna is a mother of a year old Evie and a wife of Tom who always feel insecure because of Rachel. Anna really hates Rachel. Some months ago, Anna saw Rachel in the roadside with Evie, She kidnap her!

And Megan is a lovely wife who lives near Rachel and Megan. She had been a baby-sitter of Evie a year ago. Her husband’s name is Scott.

Sunday morning, Rachel woke up with bloody head, nose, and hands. What happened last night?! She couldn’t remember. Last night, she drunk. All that she remembered are only walking in the subway’s stairs, holding the wall , and feeling so dizzy. So, whose blood was that?! She just knew that her head was hurt badly and there was blood also in her hands.

Sunday norning, Scott gave a report to the police station that Megan is lost! This news became a headline in all of medias immediately; TV, newspaper, and internet. Seeing this news, Rachel felt that she had to help Scoot! But how? Since she couldn’t remember what happened last saturday night, how if she is the murder? She must find other ways to help Scoot and peel the truth.

After a few days, Megan’s body had been found in the dark forest near the city, buried deeply in the soil. When the police tried to find the truth, Scott became a suspect and nobody believed what Rachel said. She was just a crazy woman, they said.

So, who is the real killer? Scott? Rachel? The key is in Rachel’s memory. Can she remember what happened last saturday night?

Reading this made me can’t sleep – Stephen King

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