My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares


Do you believe in reincarnation?

For this man, yes. His first live was on North Africa in 520 AC. And his first fault and first love was in 541. He and his brother was a soldier. One day, his brother, as a captain, gave an order to burn a village because it was an enemy’s village. At that time, he saw a beautiful woman inside the burned house, held her daughter on her chest. He couldn’t forget her eyes, her amazing face like a swan, and her smile.
“We burned the wrong village!” He shouted to his brother after seeing that smile.

In his entire life, he still remembers that accident. He feels guilty. Everytime he was born, everytime he start talking, he remember that smile and he searches this beautiful swan. He has ever met her in many versions, as a rich woman (but he was still 6 years old) and as the wife of Joaquim, his brother. This was the worst.

He and his brother were reborn together again (a rare case, he said) and this swan was his brother’s wife, Sophia. His brother still had the same personality; impatience and easy to be angry. Sophia always became his target. He wanted to save Sophia’s life so he run with her and hide her in other village. He promised to meet her again a year after he came back home. But, he was died right after coming back home in his brother’s hand, Joaquim was really angry when he knew that his wife was hidden by his own brother.

Virginia, 2004…
1500 years after…
He met again with his Sophia. His name is Daniel and Sophia is Lucy. Lucy is really love Daniel’s style, mysterious, cold, and his ignorance, but she never talked with him at school. She knew that Daniel always watched her in class, but why he never opened the conversations?
At prom, she was accidentally met Daniel again in a room. Only both of them! And they kissed! When Daniel lips in Lucy’s, she had a sense that she had ever met Daniel before. At the burned house, Daniel was outside. At the dessert, Daniel held her hand. And the last, Daniel said, “I will come back here to meet you next year”. These flashback stories was like a ‘flash-dream’ for Lucy. She pushed Daniel away and she felt so dizzy.
“Do you remember me, Sophia?”
“Who are you? And who is Sophia? My name is Lucy!!!”
She ran away.
After that, Daniel decided to jump from the bridge because he couldn’t get into Sophia’s heart again.

Will the fate be on Daniel’s side?
Will Lucy remember that she was Sophia?
Will they be an everlasting lovers?

Sometime, love can be more than ‘you will be mine in a whole life’

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