Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom


Have you ever discuss about your life with someone who will die soon?
Mitch did that

When Mitch was in college, he was a favorite student of Morrie. Mitch lost his contact and never met Morrie after his graduation day. But after some years, when he watched TV, he heard a familiar voice… Morrie’s.
Morrie was in a show called Nightline and he talked about “The Last Lecture: His Death”. Its producer was interested in Morrie’s tagline in a newspaper: “Take what you can and can’t do”; “Take your past as a past, don’t throw it away”; “Forgive yourself and others”; “Not too late to start”.

Why did Morrie do his Last Lecture in TV? He had ALS, a sickness which attacks your neurons. He wanted to share not his last life but his last speech to the world. He wanted to change everybody.

After hearing his first show, Mitch often came to Morrie’s house. They discuss about everything. Life, Emotion, Forgiveness, Culture, etc. They had discussed it since Morrie sat in a wheelchair until his last days when he only coul sleep in a bed.

What was their last discussion?
What did Mitch feel when Morrie died?

For me, this book is awesome. You can feel the emotions and atmosphere when they did discussions every Tuesday. And of course, I cry in the last pages…

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