The Fourth

Let me remind you about these 2 posts..

I had been broken heart 3 times then I had found The One. Past perfect tense? Why? Because he has already been my ex… The Fourth…
I choose to follow what my parents said about him. But now, after thinking about my decision, I don’t regret it. I realize that my parents are right. I won’t have a bright future with him. My dream is becoming a lecturer and I need to contnue my study until PhD to develop my knowledge. On the other side, he supported me only with half of his heart. Sometimes, he told me that he really want me to be a housewife.. Hmm… He need to get a surgery in his brain! I got my master degree in France, far far away from my house and he just wanted me to clean the house everyday??!! Ckckckckck

You can say that my ego is very high, I won’t deny it. But this is me. You want me to be with you, you must understand my dream, support it, then I will give you all of my heart. Don’t make me your prisoner in your mind called everlasting love.

So, I just need to announce that I am a free bee again. Don’t ever try to catch me, I will hurt you. Just try to make me tame then I will give you my honey everyday.


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