Is It Difficult to Say “Thanks” and Sorry”

What do you do when you are eating?
What do you do when you are waiting for bus?
I see everybody is in his/her handphone…

Yes, we are in 21st century now and most of us have lost our sense of belonging to each other. I say ‘us’ because sometime I am like that too and I realize it later when I come home. There is two words that is very rare to be spitted from human nowadays especially from youngsters; Thanks and Sorry. You don’t believe it? Lemme ask you something…

Have you ever said sorry when you are walking in the wet floor of your school then your shoes leave trails of mud and you the person who clean it is still stand beside you, holding the mop?
Have you said thank you to the bus driver who took you to your office this morning?
Have you said sorry to your friend who has lent you his important thing like harddisk external and you are not return it on time as you promised?
Have you said thank you to that friend because you have used his harddisk external for this long time?

If you answer yes, you are really really a good person and I will give you two thumb. If you say no, I will say, “Congratulation! Welcome to the 21st century! You should change your habit or you will lose some respects from others as a karma.”

Is it very hard to say those two words?
Is it hard to type those words using your precious finger and send it through your 4G internet connection so your friend will smile although he is thousands miles away from you?

Answer it!


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