Best friend? None!

Do you have best friend in your life?

I have some, but I will use past tense for some of them. I have 2 best friends from elementary school till now, 2 best friends from high school till now, and I had 3 best friends in college. Lemme tell you my story because I am quite angry and disappointed this time.

Me and this 3 friends (A, B, and C) are really close in my college time. We were always in a same time in every homework group, we always went together, even we had some sleepovers. Then, there is D. She is an outcast in my class because she always hurt other’s feeling by her talk. She never thinks twice when she needs to spit out her idea. That’s why she doesn’t have any close friend.

Me and my best friends were an ‘angel group’ in class. Anybody who wants to join us, we hold their hands. Therefor, D becomes a member of my ‘best friend’. Then, I had to continue my study in France for almost two years. Four of them spent their time together than with me, even it was very hard to ask their time only for doing skype with me.

March 2015…
I came back to my hometown and they have already become an exclusive group without me. Before, I had a whatsapp group with four of them, but I fought with D one time because I couldn’t keep my promise to hangout with them. But, do you know that I WAS SICK AT THAT TIME! I was in hospital!!!!! D said in chat window, “Don’t care with your bullshit, we can hangout. Just four of us.” It was hurt me so 😦 Then D was out from that chat group and until now that group is so quite. No chat, no joke like before.

They have made other chat group without me
They have had a plan to have a trip together.. to ASEAN

A, B, and C will be the bridesmaid of D
Without me again….
Do you know the meaning of being in that position?
It means that they have already been really close to D and cut their strings with me

Should I cry?
I really want to scream and cry, but for what? I still have 4 friends. I won’t say either they are my best friends or not because I don’t wanna have string to anybody anymore…

For me, my best friends are my brain and my senses

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