When you lose your girlfriend or boyfriend, do you thing that it’s the worst thing in the world? You will feel broken heart, you can’t eat anything, and you will feel dizzy and need your medicine to cure that.
I know… I have walked in that path four times.

But, this is the first time I feel that my friends betray me. I call it ARTERY-BROKEN. It’s thousands times wlrse than heart broken. When you have this disease, you will die slowly from inside your body. It will eat your heart, then directly cut your artery. You will die in three… two… one…

Welcome to the zombie land! The world of hard believing in someone. Let’s lean on your brain. Just your brain… Don’t ever try to wake up again. Because…. Oh come on! You have already dead in your fairy tale world where you can cry then many hands will hold you tight.

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