Love, Rosie – Cecilia Ahern


Falling in love to your childhood friend. Is it posible?

Alex and Rosie were always together since they were born. Wherevere Rosie is, there is Alex, many people said that. But, everything had changed since Alex moved to Ireland for continuing his study. At first, Rosie really wanted to study about hotel management so she can got busy too when Alex was away from her. However, she must burn that dream because she’ was pregnant. She didn’t tell everything to Alex. She just shut him down, told him everything was alright, and fought by heerself when the storm came.

When both of them were apart, they sent letter, had conversation, and had video call in laptop to say hi. One time, when the lamp of Alex is green in screen, which means that he was online, a bad news came. Alex would get married with a rich woman there. Actually, that time, Rosie wanted to tell him about her child. So, once again, she didn’t have any better idea than kept her mouth close. Not too long from that news, Rosie also got married with other guy.

Whose child is it?
Will Rosie and Alex be together?

The novel is better than its movie. You must read this book and you willl how they always find

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