When you are alone in this city

Haha most of my posts are about loneliness, right? Yeah… it’s because I spend most of my time by myself. I don’t have any boyfriend and all of my best friends are busy (the real best best friend in my hometown I mean).

And now, I’m continuing my study in other country, ITALY! The country where Romeo met Juliet LOL. Right now, I live in a student residence near my campus. Ok, I’ll tell you about my campus first. My main campus is in Padova (Universita Degli Studi di Padova). Am I studying here? Umm.. yes and no haha. Formally, I’m registered in this university, but my campus is in Legnaro, Campus di Agripolis. It’s separated from the main campus because they need a space to do an experiment. Since this ‘other’ campus consists of Agriculture, Vets, Enviro, and some natural departments, they need area to build their laboratory. That’s why you can see animal husbandry of cows and horses behind this campus.


Legnaro itself is really really small and quite city. You can walk around this city only 20-30 minutes. Nothing is here. Yeah, I can say there is supermarket and traditional market every Tuesday (I’ll update the pics later). That’s the reason why I wanna move to Padova. My life in here is just go to campus, go back home, sleep, and go to campus, and that’s the cycle. I don’t have anyone to speak at home. I feel lonely! Hahaha this is the first time I feel lonely, isn’t it? Although there is no people from my country even in Padova, but I think I can be more socialize if I move to Padova finding a shared apartment. At least, I can speak to anybody in my house then.

I’ve tried to find a shared apartment since last week, but it’s quite hard because my budget is only 300 euros (included all expenses) because I need to go-back Padova-Legnaro everyyyday by bus and it’ll cost 57 euros. I don’t wanna spend more than 360 euros per month for accommodation. My lab mate said that I can go by bike. WHAT?!! Legnaro-Padova is around 12 km, you know! And I’ll spend 30′ on the road, then I’ll be exhausted when I arrive at my room. Um… I’ll think it twice no hundreds times hahaha

I hope I could find the best apartment soon before July because I must move from this student residence on July 31st….

I just want to talk to somebody

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