Alone = More Active

Am I the only one who feel like the title above? Hahaha…
As I said before, now I live alone, far far away with my family (again) (actually always like this LOL). Am I worried? At the beginning, YES OF COURSE! But now, I live freely because actually you can do many things when you are alone. Here what I do in my spare time:

1. Cooking
Experimental recipe, I can say haha. Just mix everything you have in your fridge, put salt and pepper until it taste good. And… Voila! You’ll have your special dish in your table. For me, I go to the market ONLY WHEN MY FRIDGE IS ALMOST EMPTY. So, it’s not a rare case when you find me eating a soup contain of mixed things there haha.

2. Watching everything
Your dish has already been ready? Let’s eat it together! Wait, what? Together with who? With television, netflix, or even your neighbor. In my case, all of TV channels here are in italian and I really can’t understand it. I just know “Ciao, ragazzi”, “Buongiorno”, and “Grazie” 😀 So watching TV is only ‘watching the picture for me haha. Netflix? Yes, I have subscribed it, but sometimes it is a boring thing to watch. Neighbor? I know some neighbors in my floor, but having meal with them? Umm never. So, what I mean in here is watching your neighbor from your window while having meal hahahaha… You’ll find it as an interesting thing when you see it, “Ahh, her dress is not too bad today”, “Why does he wear the same clothes this week?”, or “Hhh… that couple is fighting again”. It’s interesting to have your own monologue like that, trust me haha

3. Sketching
I like sketching, especially realism. I see something, I sketch it. I feel something, I sketch it. So, you’ll find me as a girl who has dirty right hand because of the charcoal haha. Should I have a sketch exhibition in my future life? Hmmm…

4. Playing violin
I’m not that good in playing violin, but since it’s the electric one, only me can hear that haha.. Falsetto, bad staccato? no worries! Just my ears which is hurt hahaha

5. Studying
Really? NO! Haha. I just study at school, not at home.

6. Finding boyfriend
Hahahahahaha it’s a must! I am single when I start my ‘lonely life’. So, I can flirt with anybody freely! Lie :p I’m not that good in finding new guy. I’m not that ugly actually hahaha. Just hard. For me, sketching van gogh’s is easier that finding The One (don’t laugh!). I hope I could find my The One sooooooooo soon *finger crossed


So, what are you doing now? Are you alone and don’t know what to do? Just do what you like and don’t care what others will say about it!
Because it’s YOU AND YOUR WORLD!

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