Ashley Bell – Dean Koontz

What will you do when you miraculously cured from the brain cancer, but you have to save someone’s life?

This was happened to Bibi. In order to keep alive, she has to save Ashley. Who is Ashley? She even doesn’t know her. After going back home from hospital, she got a phone call from Terezin. He said that he had Ashley in his arm and if Bibi could not save her, both Ashley and Bibi would die in Terezin’s hands! 

Who the hell is Terezin??!! Ashley said. She tried to do anything for saving Ashley. The worst thing is: Terezin knew every single thing that Bibi did. It was like he put a hidden camera in Bibi’s eyes. Because of that, Bibi decided to use Pogo’s (her friend) motorcycle and threw out her cellphone. One day, when she just randomly passed by a tattoo shop, she also decided to put a tattoo in her hand to remember ‘this Terezin’ in her whole life if she would be still alive next years.

Far away from Bibi, Pogo, Pax (her boyfriend), and her parents gathered around a hospital bed. Bibi was in the bed. Paralyzed. With a mysterious tattoo that suddenly appeard in her right hand. (Ok…. This is a surprise part in this novel!)

So, which life is the real one? Bibi who tried to save Ashley’s life? or Bibi who was still laying in the bed? And who is Ashley Bell and Terezin? How Bibi could end this terror?

Every time you turn the page, you will find something that will make you don’t wanna stop read this book until the end!

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