Behind Closed Door – BA Paris


Do you wanna have a perfect life? Yeah me too, of course. But the real perfect life is never exist in this world. From outside, Jack and Grace are the most perfect couple in the neighborhood. Grace is a patient, beautiful, and kind woman and Jack is a gentle, lovely, and awesome guy. How if Jack has the hidden personality at home? How if Grace is actually not a patient woman, but forced to smile by Jack? That’s the truth…

From the beginning of the book, BA Paris introduced us the real face of Jack. He was a psychopath, I can say. He locked Grace in a bedroom when he went to the office. The only time she can see the world outside was only when they had gathering with their friends (PS. Jack forced Grace to wear an expensive things and put some make up) and when they visited the Grace’s sister in the dorm for down-syndrome people. He loves to see the sadness, hopeless, and surrender face, he said.

The peak of story came when Jack decided to take Grace’s sister at home, for not living in that special dorm anymore. Grace had to declined this will! Or her sister would be ‘tortured’ mentally as her at home!

Can she protect her sister? Can she show the real face of Jack to the world?

Sometimes I feel that Grace is a reflection of woman in modern life who becomes a jewelry of man

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