The Snowman – Jo Nesbo



This is the very first Norwegian author’s novel that I had ever read. I read it because it would be aired in cinema at that time. I love thriller movie and novels, that’s why when I saw the trailer of the movie, I said, “Let’s read the book first then I’ll see the movie”.

After the lamps in the cinema was turned on again, well… The movie… Umhf… Better read the book! There are a looot scenes cut off, more detail were deleted. Kinda disappointed with the movie. It might be better to see the movie without knowing that the book do exist because the movie itself is super good but less detail than in the book!

The story begin with a mysterious existence of a snowman in front of a house, then the next day, the woman was found killed. This case came to the hand of Harry Hole, an awesome detective who always handles the serial killer cases. A letter came to Harry. This letter appears on movie.

snowman-mainstagefull-596e539d519ab-1 He hid the letter, of course. But then… the killer starts to act. Every woman who had found as a dead body always accompanied by the snowman beside her. A snowman with a woman’s head, was the terrible one (I couldn’t handle my gasp at this scene in the movie). Who is this snowman? Is he close to Harry Hole? Why did he kill only woman?

If you like thriller, Jo Nesbo is a genius!

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