How to be an Environment Hero in the office?

Have you ever thought about where all of your waste go? Last year, I began to care about this question. Well, maybe like other office guys, you will think like this: “I do not spend my day outside. I spend 8 hours a day in front of computer or papers. So, not many garbage I produce for a day.” Really??

Look around your desk! You will consume tea or eat fruit in the morning or during tea break. After that, what do you do with your tea leaves or skin of your oranges? Do your office has the organic garbage?? If not, you will throw them together with the papers, right?

My office does not have the organic waste container, only paper and mix waste. So, every time I finish eating my fruits in the morning (my breakfast is only fruit), drinking tea, and fulfill my break time with peanuts, I will collect them all in my own lunch box and bring it home. I have organic container at home and I will throw it into organic trash bin in front of my house to be recycle as a city fertilizer.


Next question: what will you do if you need a new pencil case in your desk, or a new pot for your plant? You will go to IKEA or nearest stationary shop, right? I did that also few years a go. Now, when I need something for my desk, I will look around my house and bring the unused things from home to be my desk things in the next day. I use broken glass for my pencils, unused plastic glass for my plant, and broken coffee cup for my candy can.


So, think twice when you wanna buy something and when you wanna use something. We can be an environment hero too even though we sit in the desk all day long!

Don’t for get to use less electricity too! 🙂


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