A Book about Love – Jonah Lehrer


Love is not only about a couple. Love is a feeling when you enjoy and feel attached to something. Jonah Lehrer gave really nice examples of love in this book. Why did I use ‘s’ in word ‘example’ just now? Because Lehrer is a genius! He explained love from the point of view of mother, children, worker, bible reader, etc.

From mother and children… yeah the example of love is obviously clear. A baby will feel insecure without the parents. Why? Because they feel attached and safe.

But love for worker? What’s that? This is the feeling of enjoying something. For a people who work 8 hours per day only in front of their computer, their life is fun! Maybe they will feel depressed sometime, but asked them why they still wanna do it? The answers are only two: They need money and they do that willingly. It’s love. Need and will… Lehrer is a genius who can explain it briefly with many unexpected examples on this book.

Why do you read bible? Is it only for praying? Some people will say no. They LOVE to read the stories on it. The stories about how you can find love in many ways… Again… I say that Lehrer is genius!

Honestly, I am not a type of girl who reads a slice of life book. I also did not buy this book. I got it from my birthday present. But once I flipped the page, I can’t stop it! Every page has different emotion. Anger, sad, happy, etc. I read a chapter about friendship in this book when I was in the bus, and it was sooo sad chapter. I had to try hard for handling my tears back at that time.

Read it! You will feel that love is too wide to be only a part of Fifty Shades of Gray movie

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