Boxes… Use it!

When I moved to my new apartment this 2016, I was shocked because I realized that I had many many boxes in my room when I cleaned my old room! The box from Amazon, shoes shop, camera shop, etc. Then I thought, “Damn, what should I do with this boxes?” I could simply throw it in the junk, but I didn’t do it because I know that they could be something else.

When I put everything in my friend’s car, he asked me when he saw a big boxes contained of many boxes, “What’s this? Do you want me to throw it?”
“NOOOO! I will make something in my new house”. And he saw me with his strange face haha..

Yep! I made many things from that boxes that he thought they were trash! Here some of them…

They are:
– The big box from Amazon (I forgot what I bought) became a book shelf
– In the upper part of that book shelf, you can see a black mask. It was also DIY. You can check it here.
– A small box after buying a new lens for my camera became a pencil case
– A small box from Amazon (again haha) become a place for my contact lenses
– A cute box after purchasing a toy in Tiger became a place for my postcards
– An Adidas box became a nice spot for placing my cosmetics
– A box cover from Pandoro Cake of Bauli became a night lamp cover. I made a star pattern there to make a nice shadow at night :p
– A wooden holder of my strawberry became a beautiful holder for my fruits

That’s it! So, think twice if you wanna throw something. By reducing a waste in the garbage, you make a good thing for Earth. Big action starts from the small one 🙂


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