DIY Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

I have really sensitive skin in my whole body. I cannot use any common cosmetics like you all. For example, for body care, I have to use baby oil, baby shampoo, and baby soap. I even cannot use any deodorant because it will make my armpit red and sting and huuuuurts a loooot. For my face, usually I use baby oil too (the one that usually they use after taking bath) and some bio cosmetics which always rob my money 😦

This month, my skin had problem (again, as always). My friend bought me a different brand of baby oil for my face and when I used it, my face automatically became so super dry and even I could scratch it and saw my skin felt down like when you have dandruff in your hair! Suddenly, in the morning, I washed my face and it was sting and huuurts and super reeeeed! Gosh! I even cried in the bathroom 😥

So, I decided to make my own skincare from now on. My first DIY skincare was moisturizer for face. It was so simple to make it. You just need these things (I also put the link in each ingredients for showing you where I bought them. Fyi, I am in Italy so I purchased it by :
1. a cup of coconut oil
2. a tablespoon of vitamin E
3. and 6-10 drops of essential oil (I used lavender)


Put everything in your empty jar then mix it with a spoon. In here, I used the jar of honey that had been finished a week before. Voila! My first face care! My face becomes so soft and no more dry using this nature ingredients! LOVE IT..


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