We look around the world with our eyes. We cry with our eyes. And we fall in love because of our eyes. That is the reason I sketched eyes.

Before we have a dream, our eyes observe the world and we start to imagine what we wanna have, what we wanna do, and what we don’t have. During the process of achieving something, we find some bad conditions either because of our own fault or other people. For some people, they are easy to blame other people if the result is not as they expected. When the coffee spilled in their T-shirt, they will shout to the waitress without realizing that they are the one that entered the restaurant without using their eyes. There are some other people who always blame themselves if something bad happen, never blame other people. This people is the dangerous one because they have their own scar that no one can see. Still with the coffee case… When the coffee spilled in their T-shirt, they will just smile to the waitress and say that they are ok. The waitress and other people in that restaurant will simply go back to their activity without asking he is ok or not. No one knows that maybe this guy entered the restaurant without using his eyes because he had a big fight with his wife last night and the wife is going away with his children. He has so many things in his mind so his feet are walking without the order from the eyes.

Throughout the process of achieving the dream, even happy things can trigger our eyes to produce the tears. We are lost in an audition, we cry. We get the role from an audition, we also cry. Some people will cry loudly in front of their friends or family that can comfort them when they have cloudy days. Their family will say, “It’s ok. We are here for you”. Their friends will say, “Ok, let’s grab a pizza for the better days ahead”. But there are some people that have nobody, or maybe they have both friends and family that are never in their side when they need so they feel that they have nobody. These people usually cry loudly in their lung. They seem ok outside and even go to their friend’s house in the middle of the night to give him their shoulder. These people seem tough, but no one knows what is inside their heart. Don’t ever say that this silent criers are tough and independent people. They just prefer to do it or do not know how to cry loudly.

At the time we are going to grab our dream, we find someone attractive. Even though this guy is not riding a white horse, we will feel that he is charming. We can find this person accidentally, maybe in supermarket. Or we realize accidentally that he is charming although we meet him every Saturday in the library. Love at the first sight is the term explaining that our eyes give the order to our heart to beat faster at the moment we see someone for the very first time although only a glimpse. Well.. many people believe in this term, but there are also some people that never believe this term. For them, it is better to know people better firstly to create the strange heartbeat and butterfly effect in their stomach. For example, a girl from a group that didn’t believe in love at first sight met a guy in the bus every morning. They talked about everything during their journey to the office every weekdays. This guy was so nice, but this girl never felt any weird sparkle in her heart. But then one day, this girl found a difficulties to open a bottle of water then this guy helped her to open it. Just that. Then the girl felt a butterfly effect. What is wrong with opening a water bottle? No one knows. Even this girl did not know why suddenly her eyes ordered her heart to beat faster.

What we see is not always what they feel and what they understand.

These are my sketches about eyes. You can download it in high quality resolution in https://handriyanti.deviantart.com/ .



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