DIY strawberry soap

I have some weaknesses from my previous soap. So, last week, I tried to make another one using the real measurement and other ingredients for the nice smell, which is fresh STRAWBERRY! I followed the steps from this blog. But I did some changes.

118 g lye
255 g water
425 g olive oil
298 g coconut oil
128 g sunflower oil
7 fresh strawberries

Strength of this second attempt:
– Cheaper than in LUSH (still proud of this one)
– Sweet smell
– Softer than my first attempt because it used more olive oil
– I put a cut of strawberry skin in the upper part of the soap and it’s cute!

Weakness of this soap:
– The sting feeling in the dry skin is still exist! Ugh.. I have to search about this
– I wanted to make the pink color from strawberry but it doesn’t appear 😦 My friend suggested me to use beetroot


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