DIY Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Soap

When I posted my desire to make my own soap in my instagram account, they said that it was too extreme. I can buy the organic, bio and nice smell soaps in LUSH, they said. Yes, I can, but it is too expensive. LUSH sells soaps in every grams, which is cost around 6 euros/100 grams. So, here it is my first attempt of soap that have Tea Tree and Eucalyptus smell!

Since I was too lazy to measure the ingredients, I searched the link that provides the cup as its standard measurement. You can see it here. However, in that link, they use also palm oil that have been avoided since I know how to use internet. So, I put more coconut oil to replace that palm oil. You can click the link in the list of ingredients to know from where I got them.

The ingredients are:
– 4/3 cup of coconut oil
– 2/3 cup of olive oil
– 1/4 cup of lye
– /4 cup of water
– 6 drops of tea tree essential oil
– 6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Materials that you need to make it:
– Rubber gloves to protect you from the lye. The combination of lye and water is slightly dangerous because it produces heat (exothermic) and give you rash when it contacts your hands. But don’t worry, it is not that hard. You just need to neutralize your hand and other stuff with vinegar. You can also check the safety steps here.
Soap mold
– Wooden spoon
– Glass bowl
– Stainless steel pan
– Thermometer
– Hand mixer

How to make it:
1. Pre-heat the pan
2. Put the coconut oil in it and let it melt
3. Take out the pan from the heat and let it little bit warmer
4. Add olive oil to the pan
5. Pour water to separate bowl
6. Add lye in the bowl of water (NOT WATER TO LYE! because it can be explode! (I learned that at school)
7. Mix both bowl and pan
8. Let it warm around 37 degree celcius
9. Blend it until it has the trace like you make the macaron, maybe around 5 minutes
10. Add both essential oils. You can put as many as you want
11. Pout the mixture in the mold
12. Put the decoration 🙂
13. Cover it with towel and let it for 24 hours
14. Remove it from the mold and enjoy!

Strength of this soap:
– Smell so fresh
– Cheaper than in LUSH

Weakness of this soap:
– My friend is allergic with tea tree (I did not know it and I felt so sorry to her)
– When my skin is too dry, I feel some stings feeling in that dry part. I don’t know why actually, but I think because I did not measure it well.

I’ll try to make it better next time!!!


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