Nighttime is My Time – Mary Higgins Clark

Do you like to read the suspense novel that tells you the clue about who the murderer is by giving you the detail about all the characters inside it? This one is for you! This novel has a loooooot main players since all the characters were friends and neighbors. I even did not count how many people inside this book were lol. Because of that, the plot is super slow, I can say. For me, I just read it fast and skim the paragraph (because I do not really like the drama inside the suspense or thriller book) to reach the end of the book and knew the conclusion. The benefit of having the super detail description about all the characters is: you cannot guess who the guilty one is. Try it!

This novel tells about the missing women and the dead bodies found in the neighborhood. They are all linked, neither by the blood nor by friendship, nor between the lovers. They were all in the same class when they were in the school. Is the suspect their own classmate? Or people from outside their inner circles? Try to guess it by understanding each of personality inside the book! Prepare your morning coffee and read it carefully!

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