Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight

The reviews in the internet said, “If you like Gone Girl, you definitely like this”. Yeah, the plot of this novel is like in Gone Girl. It tells the story from the Mother’s point of view and Amelia’s, similar as in Gone Girl.

This book is about the woman who wanted to find the truth behind her daughter’s accident. Was she really suicide? Or there was something behind this accident that made her daughter died? If you are really good in switching your brain from A to B, this one is a good book for you. By the way, the author was also telling us her story not only from the events happening in both main players, but also from the email and message history and also Facebook status of Amelia.  Because of that, you can know deeper how Amelia is.

However, this book is not my style. The story told here is so slow. It focuses on the character building between both players; How Amelia is, what Amelia did, how the Mother is, etc. Basically, I like the suspense novel, which tells about some clues that lead to who the killer was or how the accident might happen. But this novel is more into the drama-thriller, I can say. If you like the novel that makes you think twice, this is not the one, but if you like the suspense kind that has a lot intermezzo and drama, this one is for you. So, enjoy!

Anyway, the plot twist at the end… is super WOW! Don’t miss it! Read it till the end!

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