Those Girls – Chevy Stevens

I think, I told you many times that I do not like drama type novel. But… I think I am fall in love with this book! I borrowed this from my flatmate because I do not have any more books to be read lol. Honestly, I do not like or I really hate any stories that tell about raping or having affair. That is why I need almost a month to finish this book. I could not read the parts that contain those thing (I will not give you spoilers what happen inside this book, don’t worry 😉 ).

This book is about the adventure of three girls who were blood related and tried to protect each other. Their adventure began because the youngest sibling killed their violent dad. After that, they hid their dad’s body and ran away from home. They were only 16-18 years old. Then, many worst scenarios in the life of girls happened to them. This reminded me about The Series of Unfortunate Events, but ‘only for girls’ version.

In this book there are three parts of the stories. The first part is about the youngest girl’s point of view. It was about what she felt and how she tried to protect other girls. The second part is about another girl called Skylar. Who is she? Read it! Hohoho… Then, the last part is about the combination between the youngest girl and Skylar.

I love how the author gives the detail about these girls, how they protect each other, and how strong each character is. Love it! Love it! Love it! It is drama-suspense story, so do not expect for  having the detective who will help the girls. The story is only about those girls, I warn you.

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