DIY strawberry soap

I have some weaknesses from my previous soap. So, last week, I tried to make another one using the real measurement and other ingredients for the nice smell, which is fresh STRAWBERRY! I followed the steps from this blog. But I did some changes. Ingredients: 118 g lye 255 g water 425 g olive oil... Continue Reading →

DIY Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Soap

When I posted my desire to make my own soap in my instagram account, they said that it was too extreme. I can buy the organic, bio and nice smell soaps in LUSH, they said. Yes, I can, but it is too expensive. LUSH sells soaps in every grams, which is cost around 6 euros/100... Continue Reading →

DIY Venice Mask

Well well.. Living in Padova, which is only 30 minutes by train to Venice means that it a must for going to Venice Carnival on February. This year, I decided to make my own mask after becoming a dark angel last year hahaha. What I need: 1. Un-used box 2. Paper glue 3. Dark wing... Continue Reading →

Boxes… Use it!

When I moved to my new apartment this 2016, I was shocked because I realized that I had many many boxes in my room when I cleaned my old room! The box from Amazon, shoes shop, camera shop, etc. Then I thought, "Damn, what should I do with this boxes?" I could simply throw it... Continue Reading →

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