We look around the world with our eyes. We cry with our eyes. And we fall in love because of our eyes. That is the reason I sketched eyes. Before we have a dream, our eyes observe the world and we start to imagine what we wanna have, what we wanna do, and what we... Continue Reading →

Alone = More Active

Am I the only one who feel like the title above? Hahaha... As I said before, now I live alone, far far away with my family (again) (actually always like this LOL). Am I worried? At the beginning, YES OF COURSE! But now, I live freely because actually you can do many things when you... Continue Reading →

When you are alone in this city

Haha most of my posts are about loneliness, right? Yeah... it's because I spend most of my time by myself. I don't have any boyfriend and all of my best friends are busy (the real best best friend in my hometown I mean). And now, I'm continuing my study in other country, ITALY! The country... Continue Reading →


When you lose your girlfriend or boyfriend, do you thing that it's the worst thing in the world? You will feel broken heart, you can't eat anything, and you will feel dizzy and need your medicine to cure that. I know... I have walked in that path four times. But, this is the first time... Continue Reading →

Best friend? None!

Do you have best friend in your life? I have some, but I will use past tense for some of them. I have 2 best friends from elementary school till now, 2 best friends from high school till now, and I had 3 best friends in college. Lemme tell you my story because I am... Continue Reading →

The Fourth

Let me remind you about these 2 posts.. I had been broken heart 3 times then I had found The One. Past perfect tense? Why? Because he has already been my ex... The Fourth... I choose to follow what my parents said about him. But now, after thinking about my decision, I don't regret it.... Continue Reading →

Can I choose mine?

Have you ever felt that you must follow another's choice? What case? Up to you.. Field of study, activity, or maybe love. If yes, I'm in your position now 😞 So here my story.. I have been fallen in love with someone called A. For me, he's perfect. Not his appearence, but his personality. He's... Continue Reading →

Is he ‘The One’?

Have you ever been falling in love or attracting to the other man or woman? I think most of people will say YES! For young people, under 20, I think they just try to taste how falling in love is. For adult, around 20-30 years old, they start to find The One who can be... Continue Reading →

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