Sex vs Real Realtionship

Everytime I see a movie, there's always a kiss scene the sex or bed scene. Suddenly I think... Do sex become the only thing to prove a relationship? Is there any couple who just love each other but never do sex before they are sure about their heart? I ask something like this because I... Continue Reading →

Fame.... Everybody say... "I wanna be fame" Sorry, I don't care I just wanna be me

Is it a tradition?

I found something weird in Indonesian family tradition. It's about the amount of people who come directly (at the moment the news spread) to family events...... > Birth of new babies : 45% > marriage : 75% > death : 100% Why must the death event that makes us gathering with all of big family?

dreaming – kim soo hyun (eng)

I was looking at my dream that is being deemed far away And I was standing blankly I don’t have anything left any more I thought about giving up everything, but I am standing up again Even today step by step I step forward carefully My heart is full of fears but it’s an excitement... Continue Reading →

concert vs food

AAAARRGGHH many girls shouted when they didn't get any tickets to watch Justin Bieber concert. they're willing their time and money just for standing and watching their idol directly. only for watching him at festival corner, they wanna spend their IDR 1 miilion. they don't realize that those money would be useful for another. your... Continue Reading →

party vs poverty

sweet seventeen is the day which all of teenager wait it. when that day come, they will spend a lot of money to treat all of their friend, mate, and family even they will invite all of their school's friend to their party. assume that they will held it in small restaurant. it has minimal... Continue Reading →

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